Decentralized Marketplace

Token Sale

The Registration for ETE Private Sale is open.

Decentralized Marketplace

Token Sale

The Registration for ETE Private Sale is open.

Decentralized Marketplace

Token Sale

The Registration for ETE Private Sale is open.

Token Distribution

Token Sale

Token Distribution

KYC Required. Unsold tokens are burned

  • Max Cap: $35 million USD
  • Supply: 2 million tokens
  • Private Sale: June 15, 2019
  • IEO Date: May 1, 2020
Token Distribution
Token Features


Token Features

Eternode is a cryptocurrency token system that is designed to curb the inflationary havoc of regular cryptocurrencies, by creating a system of value centered around systematic token burn and reduction of supply.

The unique usecase of the Eternode platform will work hand in hand with the ETE token to create an ever increasing value for the ETE tokens, one in which sent tokens become more valuable upon arrival

Built For The New Token Economy

Deflationary and efficient regulatory system

Sustainable Value

Increased value on every transaction as a result of burn system.

Decentralized Token Market

Facilitation of token sale and distribution with crosschain marketplace

Passive Income Oriented

Earn share rewards in Ethereum just by staking ETE. The more you stake, the more you earn

Token Features
Token Architecture

How it Works

Platform Architecture

Eternode is a global, decentralized digital asset aftermarket, focused on the provision
and accessibility of digital assets. It offers a wide range of opportunities for various stakeholder categories in blockchain

Smart Contracts

Use of smart contract to make everything seamless and efficient, with 24/7 automated customer service bot to ensure effectiveness


Eternode will host a digital asset aftermarket that allows investors to trade tokenized digital assets before they are listed on a cryptocurrency exchange.

For The Community

Eternode Marketplace will serve as a perpetual testimony of the benefits of digital assets, and the success dealing with them can bring. It will demystify the cloak on cryptocurrencies and digital assets and allow “muggles”(non-crypto users) to participate in the space freely and without restrictions. It will also allow for unfettered access to tokens of any kind that choose to launch on the Eternode platform.

For Institutions

The Eternode Marketplace will allow Institutions to offer shares of their project in form of tokens to Interested Investors on our platform. And, unlike regular IEO’s Eternode will ONLY take a fee from the IEO results and not BEFORE. This will open the space up to a lot of promising projects with little to no funds and bring them to the attention of trusted Investors on the platform Together, Eternode will be able to build a bonded community of like minded people across all platforms.


The marketplace will allow Job hinters and employers meet via a secure platform, where services and digital currency can be exchanged. Workers will complete their profile and be introduced to prospective employers who are in need of their unique services. This will serve to reduce the rate of unemployment globally, no matter how fractional, while at the same time removing then need for trust with a secure Escrow service in place.

For Individual Investors

Eternode will provide worldwide coverage of access to tokens from any part of the world to Interested Investors. The Eternode platform will thoroughly vet each project and it’s team, with extensive KYC and KYD verifications of the team members, as well as economic and technical analysis of their project, so Investors can have full Information before deciding to Invest. This will allow regular Investors become VCs through a multinational platform, on any project, from anywhere.

Token Architecture
The Founders

The Team

We Work For Your Lambo

Eternode has assembled a world class engineering, strategic
and design team with over 30 years of collective experience.




Dev is the brain behind the revolutionary Eternode blockchain tech. He is the one that came up with the scalable and private crosschain feature for Eternode. And as punishment for his genius, he is the lead developer




Adeniyi is one of our dedicated community managers who has steadfastly kept the community clean of all spam garbage and answered all needed questions. What a gem!


Jean Marie


Jean helps out with designs and graphics for Eternode. So if you see any of our nasty graphic banners, just know that he is responsible.

The Founders
Advisors and Investors

Rich with Experience

Advisors & Investors

See our Partners and Seed Investors










Advisors and Investors
Token Roadmap


High Level Roadmap

This is a high level roadmap for the twelve months post-IEO

Q3 2019

Beta Release of Staking Platform

Full public release of Eternode's staking platform: where users can earn Ethereum for staking their ETE tokens

Q4 2019

Beta Release of Marketplace

Full public release of Eternode's Digital asset marketplace: Marketing Campaign and Launchpad Development

Q1 2020

Alpha Release of Launchpad

First release of Eternode's launchpad interface for IEOS and DAOS (Digital Assets Offerings)

Q2 2020

Mainet Goes Live

Eternode mainet network up and running with “backbone” crosschain implementation, Token Swap and Setup. Network open for testing by early adopters.

Q3 2020

Beta Release of DAPPS

Full public release of Eternode's Decentralized Applications
with automated content classification through machine learning and AI.

Token Roadmap

Decentralized Web Services

Collaboration / Partnerships

And we’re just getting started.

Solar Wallet is an ethereum based token wallet that allows users to see token transactions in real time from inside the wallet

The Press

The Press

What Others Say

A sample of recent opinions that we have earned in the press.


Revolutionary Idea from the Eternode team. Something to watch out for

Ruben Abati


The Next BNB

Bought myself a heavy bag of #ETE
. Best strategic investment in 2019. Could very well be the next BNB. 💣

Khristine Vaughn


The Press
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